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Manufacturer:  FSC resells Computer equipment manufactured by companies such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, or other computer manufacturers. Computers and printers will be warrantied for parts for a specific period. Some manufacturers offer part of the warranty period “on-site”, i.e. 3-yr warranty, first 12 months, on-site. After that,  if something goes wrong, it maybe necessarily to ship the computer back to the manufacturer for service. Some items might be shipped to you for installation rather than “on-site” being provided. The most important point to note is that in most cases, parts are covered by warranty; system reloading, restoring/recovering data, service time, consulting, virus detection and removal, or things of this nature are not covered by any warranty.

 Also, please note that if you install additional hardware (scanners, cameras, network cards, modems, cd-roms, etc.) OR SOFTWARE, that was not ordered with the original PC, there is no guarantee they will work correctly with the computer. We have found, through experience, most problems customers have with PC’s are a result of installing software or hardware that didn’t come with the system, and it conflicts with the original hardware or overwrites files. Other big problems are failure to keep your virus software definitions current and backups are not in place and running.

Reseller/Service Provider:  FSC, in these transactions, is considered the reseller. FSC does not warranty the hardware or software in any way. However, as a customer, we want you to have a pleasant experience with your computer. If something goes wrong with the hardware (disk crash, mother-board failure), we will try to assist you in resolving the problem, however, a service charge will be assessed. We provide you a “fast-path” telephone access number to Dell technical support and can provide limited assistance with other issues. Services FSC provides are billed on an hourly basis, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Customer:  As with anything, the customer ultimately bears most of the responsibility for the computer. It is customer responsibility to back up programs and data on the PC, either online, such as Carbonite, to disk, flash drive, CD-ROM or other storage device to allow recovery in the event of a disk failure. While hard drives and motherboard failures occur a small percentage of the time, they do occur, and we have no way to predict which ones will fail. Failure to have data backed up may mean it is impossible to be recovered.  It is also strongly recommended that you have your computer plugged into a certified power strip to protect against power surges. You should use a power strip that provides the same protection for the telephone line, if one is in use. The customer should also make sure virus-protection software is installed, updated and checked on a frequent basis.

In the event of a disk failure, we can assist with the reloading of your PC and recovery of data, which you have backed up. As long as you have the original CD’s provided to you with the PC by the manufacturer, the system can be restored as it was originally sold to you, however, any additional programs and data you have created will have to be reinstalled. This service is not covered by warranty.

FSC will bill you for any services at their usual hourly rate. Sometimes it is difficult to estimate how much a particular service operation will cost. It will be our policy to notify you if the charge for any single incident is going to exceed 2 hours. 


A customer purchases a new PC. Six months later, while still under warranty, the PC is infected with a malicious virus, which erases all graphical images stored on the PC. First of all, the PC is covered under warranty; however, the infection by a virus is a result of user-action. The PC didn’t infect itself—likely, accessing a website or an e-mail containing the virus, was received. It is important for the customer to maintain current virus definitions, and run periodic checks. In this instance, if the customer has a backup, the service provider (FSC) can assist with the removal of the virus, and the recovery/restoration of the customer programs/data at normal hourly rates.

Six months after purchasing a computer, a customer purchases a computer game (hardware and software) and installs it on the computer. After installing the computer game, the computer fails to work.  It’s difficult to determine whether the problem is a hardware conflict or a software problem. It may on the surface appear it is a hardware problem (since it doesn’t work), but it’s entirely possible the software has replaced or overwritten critical system files and thereby created the problem.  While the computer is still under warranty, the computer manufacturer cannot know in advance what games/hardware will or will not work with the computer. To recover the system and to get the game working may be possible by the service provider (FSC), but it needs to be billed at normal hourly rates.  

A customer purchases a new PC, and the hard drive goes bad 11 months after purchase. In this situation, the hard drive will be warranted by the manufacturer. In some cases, they may send a technician to your home to replace the drive, or we, as your service provider, may ask you to bring the system into our office so we can assist you with the recovery process. Either way, the warranty covers only the replacement of the hard drive. Reloading the system programs and files (which were shipped with the system) is the customer’s responsibility. FSC, as the service provider, can assist with this process on an hourly basis. In addition, unless the customer has backed up any programs or data they have put on the machine, this data may be lost and not recovered. FSC, as the service provider, will try to recover important information/data, which may have been lost, billed at normal hourly rates.

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